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Where it started......


Kelly & Chris met in middle school, but didn't really take a serious interest in music until high school. Both played in the 'Steel Express', Foxwood High School's steel band headed by Miss Jaquiss. Both learned guitar, keyboard, drums and singing and formed a band, their first song being The Cranberries 'Linger' at the school's yearly concert. Originally called Jade Summer, Kelly & Chris have been in a band ever since. Check out the track below....

Jade SummerJade Summer

I want your sax.....


In the early days of Hobson, Chris met Leigh working at Npower. After a couple of weeks Chris found out that Leigh played sax and many BA BA BAAAHs later it's a central part of what makes our sound.

Leigh started playing in 1997 in high school, joining the school band 'The Spiders' and concert band shortly after

Over the years he has played for the Leeds Youth Wind Orchestra and a number of concert bands, including the Morley and District Concert Band, before joining Chris and Kelly in Hobson in 2011.

Pulled Apart by Sandi....


Kelly and Chris first met Sandi at the legendary open mic at The Unicorn Inn, after their much begging and a stint covering drums for us at a battle of the bands, he joined Hobson and this addition would lead to more.....

Adam was an immediate Hobson's choice after Sandi spotted him at a gig playing some sublime riffs.  After speaking after the gig, the two hit it off immediately and the ensuing conversation led to Sandi convincing Adam to come and play lead guitar in Hobson!

When Sandi met Zena.....

Sandi and Zena met in Hull way back on 2000.  They played in different bands and gigged in places like the famous Adelphi Club and often got together with the legendary Danny Malone in Sandi's cellar jamming into the early hours! 

I think we need another Chris....

Chris D_edited.jpg

Again, the Unicorn open mic night was the stage for another band member meeting. Chris Davies came in for open mic randomly and Chris F could tell, almost spookily, that Chris was a bass player and didn't hesitate to ask him to join Hobson. The most chilled out member of the group and our last addition making our band family whole!

What's in issue #002?

Hobson's Voice Issue #002......

We talk about the album and look at how we came up with the album name and cover idea, BTS photoshoot pics and a exclusive recordings of the album in the early stages.

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